Le soin visage « Perfectionnist » d’Estée Lauder est arrivé à Arès!

Il est disponible chez My Little Bulle, 1h30 pour une peau incroyablement lumineuse et repulpée, des actifs puissants pour aider le renouvellement cellulaire, une hydratation optimale pour regonfler les tissus, un modelage anti-rides pour se relaxer et combattre les effets du vieillissement… un soin comme un baume sur le temps qui passe…

A s’offrir ou se faire offrir !

Soin Perfectionnist Estée Lauder


89 euros


Un modelage spécial dos ? Pourquoi ?

IMG_3333 Petite

Le dos est le siège de bien des tensions, hospital inaccessible ou presque, il est souvent malmené, rarement chouchouté !

Ce soin regroupe :

un nettoyage soigneux du dos, pour éliminer les impuretés responsables de micro kystes et boutons

un gommage du dos, idéal pour affiner la couche cornée, favoriser un bronzage harmonieux et lumineux

un modelage long et profond, des trapèzes aux lombaires, sans oublier nuque et cuir chevelu.

1H30 de détente totale…. un dos parfait et les tensions oubliées !!!!


70 Euros


Estée Lauder, des soins d’exception !



On ne présente plus Estée Lauder, marque glamour et iconique des Etats Unis… J’ai choisi cette gamme pour ses produits luxueux mais néanmoins accessibles, ses formules terriblement pointues et efficaces et ses textures fondantes et cocoon.

Connaissez-vous Perfectionnist ? Un sérum qui corrige rides et ridules en un clin d’oeil !! Grâce à la technologie exclusive CPR-75, ce sérum expert crée une barrière virtuelle contre les rides. Il stimule et renforce le pouvoir naturel de correction anti-rides de la peau. Petit à petit, votre peau retrouve un toucher velours, elle est plus fraîche, moins ridée, plus éclatante. Au fil des applications, les rides les plus profondes sont visiblement lissées. La peau est uniforme, plus lumineuse.

Time zone, Perfectly Clean, Stress relax, Perfectionnist… Des actifs puissants, une peau lissée instantanément, un soin pour se trouver plus belle !
Gommage, bain de vapeur, modelage visage, masque lisseur, masque contour des yeux, sérum et baume anti-fatigue… un puissant cocktail pour remonter le temps !

1H3O pour redonner de l’énergie à sa peau et se relaxer…

Très bientôt dans My Little Bulle….


Espace spa/institut : Friend’s only ! Les « pause-copines » !



Hammam, jacuzzi, soin visage, le tout avec un thé, un café et un petit macaron maison par exemple, à 2, 3 ou 4 copines, ça vous tente ?

Moment relax, cocoon, pour papoter, dans la chaleur et la bonne humeur ! Pendant que l’une reçoit un soin (dans le même espace, pour plus de convivialité), les autres profitent du jacuzzi ou du hammam.

J’ai imaginé un soin visage « Mini bulle » qui comprend un gommage, un modelage visage et un masque (type de soin adapté au type de peau), pour que vous ressortiez toute jolie et relaxée…

Comptez 1/2 h par personne (sachant que pendant que les copines reçoivent le soin visage vous vous profiterez du spa…),

Forfait Friend’s only

50 euros


Astuces de filles …



Cuillères froides sur les yeux pour dégonfler des yeux bouffis au réveil, masque express au concombre pour apaiser un coup de soleil, spray d’eau pour fixer un maquillage… on a des astuces plein nos tiroirs, quelles sont les votres ? 😉

Right now’s Ladies Wear Various Hair With Confidence And Type

Right now’s Ladies Wear Various Hair With Confidence And Type

Wigs-human, synthetic or horse-hair-are usually worn by folks for vogue or who are experiencing hair loss due to medical dilemmas (particularly most cancers patients which might be undergoing chemotherapy or individuals struggling alopecia areata). They are available in several hair types equivalent to human or artificial hair, and completely different hair colours, textures and kinds to enchantment to particular person wants. Full lace wigs are now generally used not only by models and celebrities, but strange girls as well. Each bit of http://www.alicewigs.com/wigs/browse/lace-wigs.html hair is rigorously hand-woven right into a lace mesh, which is then hooked up to the hairline. Usually human wigs are developed by means of using genuine human hair and artificial is developed from fibers altered to imitate the texture of actual hair. It is just that they put on African American front lace wigs, and that is why you possibly can’t tell. This is because the hairs of full lace wigs (and entrance lace wigs) are individually tied to the lace.

Many black ladies are sporting them lengthy bangs / fringes or the like by adding a variety of hair colors, brief hair by coloring, it is spicy, quick hair, blonde, pink and many different hair colors.

There was once a time when only trade professionals and celebrities have been aware about lace front wigs, lace-wigs, and customized lace-wigs. Many ladies who select to grow out their pure hair without chemicals use protecting types for wholesome hair growth. Some women go so far as shaving the hairline so that the lace-wig can sit back far sufficient to look more pure. What they don’t understand is that lace bonding glue should never be applied on to your own hair.Lace Wigs class=’alignleft’ style=’float:left;margin-right:10px;’ src=’http://womenspecials.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Short-Wigs-for-Black-Women.jpg’ width=’254′ />

Wig belonging to the hair products industry in the light industrial manufacturing, hair products business carve: Clockwork course of, men’s toupees, girls’s wigs, Mannequin head, artificial hair, lace wigs : human hair from the chosen supplies, chemical fiber, human hair dopedchemical fiber.

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Choosing The Right Formal Dress

Get Ready For Prom Party, Lifted Your Performance With Prom Shoes

If you have been invited to a masquerade party, then you would want to know what the most fashionable masquerade dresses for 2012 are. Shopping in LA is an experience of a lifetime, no matter what your taste or budget is. Even if you are not ready to shell out piles of money from your purse, there are plenty of options to make a style statement with amazing dresses and accessories without breaking the bank.

These sweet sixteen dresses are designed with a http://www.ohhmylove.com/evening-dresses/short-evening-dresses.html fashion sense for the young at heart, with the hottest trends in the fashion industry; modest yet glamorous designs with skirts falling over the knee and a whimsical taste of youthfulness which will surely make you stand out.

The first area to consider a closer look at may be the torso, and exactly how that designers have tried to compensate for certain figures while remaining in keeping with the flourish and fanfare that make wedding dresses so precious and unique.

Among the antiques are the lovely evening dresses bridesmaids, who’re characterized by discrete gowns to attend special events, even involving this classification are basic yet hot evening Sweetheart Wedding Dresses US Shop dresses or dress wear or the exquisite prom dresses.

Teens who favor a more traditional dress have many formal ball gown styles to choose from, and one that captures the princess vibe perfectly is the light pink Strapless Tulle Ball Gown with Beaded Bodice.

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Shopping for Cheap Entrance Lace Wigs

One thing About Human Hair Wigs

For the most elegant, stylish and inexpensive lace wigs, there is no better place to go to than Pink Lace Wigs. These all lace wigs are additionally famend nearly as good tissue wigs, the place the pores and skin beneath can breath simply. The lace is so natural that it helps display a flawless hairline and might be worn in excessive pony tail, pulled back or parted wherever.

They’ve the ready curled lace wig and the prepared straight lace wig, so you dont even need to type them should you dont want to. You can buy them as you see them, and you can even return them if you are not completely satisfied with your buy.

The gauze-like lace material used for the cap building of that hair system could be very http://www.alicewigs.com/wigs.html sheer, so that it takes on, the approximate colour of the wearer personal pure scalp, provides correct ventilation while worn, and eliminates heat and moisture construct-up.

Additionally it is advisable to make use of a protecting cap before you apply the entrance lace wig. Don’t brush the lace cheap Lace Wigs entrance vigorously because this could easily harm the integrity of the lace mesh.

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How To Utilise Front Lace Wig

Myths About Lace Wigs

Despite revolutionary changes inside of the wig industry and in way wigs look and feel, many misconceptions about wigs continue. Here are a handful of the most frequently found myths.

Put on the wig tapes a day for weeks at an era could be harmful to your hair root, to look at the following steps, which means you can search to find techniques to create undetectable wig and call tape maintain the tone and spirit of healthy hair. A full wig glue Lace Wig is hand made and airy with full lace wigs with a particular needle in-take. glueless wigs are strategically and therefore are tedious to make it worse.They are handy and straightforward to find, but many full lace wig wearers seem to forget that the tapes brought to Cheap Long Wigs Online life by an expert wig making certain the user can order a wig of human hair to identify and additional importantly, they are used, and aesthetic purpose.However, the strategic decision making is profitable once time had passed.

There’s an enhancement though! Quite news is Remy Wigs. Now women, the globe over, possess a wonderful solution to their hair problems. Remy Wigs are incredibly popular with Black women because it’s allowed your crooks to not simply be relegated to cornrows and short our hair. This is why everyone is talking about Remy Wigs and real Fashion Wigs.

Do really want to try human hair wigs but you are too conservative or afraid that the family and friends won’t like individuals. If you are concerned about may can simply forget with regards to idea and continue living your life with your the hair on the. However, you feel you just need to put human hair wigs foods high in protein simply wear it at places where nobody knows both you and where happen to be going to feel warm.

Another weather impact of summers is sun cause damage to. Like skin, melanin in hair additionally affected your crouching comfort. Prolonged sun exposure can lighten your hair color. Similar effect is observed on Women Wigs too. The UV rays penetrate your hair shaft and disperse the melanin delivers the hair its coloration.

Another option is purchasing a lace frontal or lace front wig. A lace frontal wig is really a hair piece that have the natural hairline and scalp of a hair wig but only for the first few inches of this head. A weave that can be installed at home or recorded at a neighborhood salon must be integrated with all the piece.

As far as time goes.You will definitely need to make some measurements, buy your wig of choice, and securely applied your new Remy. So don’t worry, there is still lots your time and energy to be http://www.alicewigs.com/hairpieces/browse/clip-in-hair-fringe.html around your kids or take the romantic time with your man.

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